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Código :42109
Autor : Simonds - Cherri -
Año Edición: 2005
Lugar de Edición: Estados Unidos de América
Páginas: 248 - Vols.: 1
Encuadernación: Encuadernada
Idioma : Inglés
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Descripción de la obra

Collectible Costume Jewelry simplifies the understanding of historical and social influences which will aid in identification. All the major designers and manufacturers like Haskell, Coro, Eisenberg, and Trifari are featured. There are dates given and examples of the jewelry for which the designer/manufacturer is best known. A time chart shows what was in style during each period of time as do the fascinating vintage ads. There are examples from the Victorian era to the present, even featuring recent pieces by designers such as Anne Klein and Joan Rivers. There is a helpful glossary of jewelry terms with picture examples. Nearly 600 full-color pictures arranged by subjects. Current values, marks, and detailed descriptions. 2003 values. REVIEW: This book addresses all kinds of questions about costume jewelry - how do you know if a piece is worth anything even though it is signed? How do know if it is rare? What about fakes? Is it a reproduction? How do I take care of the jewelry once I start collecting it? What do I do if the item is broken? This book addresses all of these topics and more.

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